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One-stop shop solution

Everything your fans need to get from their home to your festival in 1 tool

Proven highest order value

Combination of flight, accommodation and ticket has proven to create the highest order value

Flights from anywhere

So you can reach festival lovers from the US to Asia

24/7 service in 7 languages

Your customers can count on dedicated support round the clock in their own language

A great booking experience

The ideal one-stop-shop solution for any global festival lover

We decided to focus on what we think is the easiest way for fans to travel to your event. To do this we offer technology where future festival goers can obtain everything they need to get from their home to your party.

Our one-stop-shop travel solution connects live with many flight- and accommodation suppliers: so your customers can build their own package and are safeguarded through our services and guarantees. We are working daily to improve our technology and services and find even easier and hassle-free solutions for them to book a package to your festival.

Experienced in travel to live events

Festlane is an initiative of EventTrips: the European market leader in organizing tickets, travel and accommodation for soccer fans all across the continent. By being the official partner of clubs like FC Barcelona and Manchester City, for example, we’ve learned how to create the ideal environment to get fans where they want to go.

We’ve created a succesful formula

Building on our proven technology and experience in the football travel business; we’re now using that knowledge to offer the ultimate environment for festival travellers to book their trip. We know exactly what’s important to fans when they want to book tickets, travel and accomodation for events.

Our team

The team behind Festlane consists of 18 dedicated and experienced staff. We have years of experience in building businesses, online marketing and customer service. We employ a team of in-house developers who are working on improving our advanced technology everyday. And we know festivals. Our team includes two festival lovers and DJs who host their own parties and have been playing and visiting international festivals for 10 years now. They look forward to get in touch with you to discuss building a successful partnership.

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Our partners include, among others, DGTL Amsterdam and Barcelona, Rock am Ring, X Music and many others.

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Perhaps similar to your event, customers prepay travel packages weeks in advance. This means that there’s a financial risk involved for them. This is why specialised financial guarantees for tour operators are essential. In fact, these are legally seen as a necessity. That’s why we offer these guarantees to your customers through the various well-known trust marks in various countries.